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[K-ETA] Meet Korean technology and innovation.

Date 2023-03-24

Meet Korean technology and innovation.

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The K-ETA system requires foreign travelers to go through a simple authentication process through the Internet before entering Korea. These certification courses can be applied for through the mobile application or K-ETA website. The applicant enters basic information such as name, date of birth, passport number, nationality, length of stay and purpose of travel, and submits the application.High probability of approval - K-ETAs are not usually denied to visa applicants. Foreign travelers will be approved if they meet the minimum qualifications required to enter Korea. As a result, there are no reasons for rejection due to validation errors or incomplete document submissions that appear during the process of filling out the visa application form, reducing the burden of travel planning.

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Korea is a country with a lot of charm, so there are so many places to visit. Here are a few places to recommend!Pyeongchang, Gangwon-do - Pyeongchang, where the Winter Olympics were held, is a popular winter sports destination, including skiing and snowboarding. In addition, it is famous as a tourist destination because there are attractions such as the Olympic Stadium and the Pyeongchang National Museum.Myeong-dong - Myeong-dong, the heart of Seoul, is one of the most visited places by foreigners. Myeong-dong is a representative area where you can enjoy shopping and food, and there are various brand stores, restaurants, and complicated small alleyways. In addition, Myeong-dong is also home to various tourist attractions such as Myeong-dong Cathedral and Namsan Tower, so it is a recommended place for foreigners visiting Korea.Jeonju Hanok Village - Jeonju Hanok Village is a place where you can experience traditional hanok buildings and traditional Korean culture. Jeonju is famous for its traditional food, natural dyeing, and traditional Korean music. Feel the traditional culture of Korea at Jeonju Hanok Village.

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Korea is a country that offers a variety of flavors and foods, and many foreigners are falling in love with Korean food. The following introduces representative Korean foods and restaurants that foreigners must try when visiting Korea.Representative soy sauce crab restaurant - One of the famous soy sauce crab restaurants in Korea is "Chungjeonggak" located in Mapo-gu, Seoul. Here, you can enjoy side dishes and grilled fish with deep and rich soy sauce crab sauce. Also, there are various soy sauce crab restaurants in downtown Seoul, so it"s a good idea to visit them.Samgyeopsal - Samgyeopsal is a dish made using pork belly and is one of the most popular dishes in Korea. Thinly sliced pork is grilled and eaten with ssamjang, lettuce, and ssam vegetables. It has a soft and crispy texture.Jjimdak - Jjimdak is a dish made by steaming chicken and vegetables such as potatoes, vermicelli, and carrots. The chicken is delicious because of the gravy that jumps out and the spicy seasoning.


Traditional Korean Food Experience: Korea has a wide variety of traditional foods. Foreigners can taste Korea"s representative foods such as kimchi stew, bulgogi, bindaetteok, and tteokbokki. You can also experience traditional food by making these foods yourself.Bamdokkaebi Market - One of the most famous night markets in Seoul, where you can buy a variety of food and products at affordable prices.

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K-ETA reviews submitted applications and notifies foreign travelers of their approval. If approved, the traveler must print out the approval notice and bring it with them while traveling. In addition, the K-ETA is electronically registered in the traveler"s passport, which is checked at the quarantine station on the day of entry into the Republic of Korea. After checking the K-ETA registered in the passport at the quarantine station, the traveler will go through immigration.

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