Electronic Travel

ETA Application Guide

K-ETA(KOREA Electronic Travel Authorization) Announcements

1 ETA application must be completed at least 72 hours prior to boarding the aircraft or ship, otherwise disadvantages such as not issuing an electronic travel permit may occur.

2 ETA is valid for 2 years, and ETA permission does not guarantee entry into the Republic of Korea. The final decision on entry into the Republic of Korea is made according to the immigration inspection conducted by the Korea Immigration Officer.

3 If you submit false or inaccurate information when applying for an ETA, your ETA permission may be denied or revoked at any time, and you may be punished or restricted from entering the country according to the relevant laws of the Republic of Korea. The same applies even if you apply on your behalf.

4 The ETA fee is KRW 50,000 (approximately $40, excluding additional fees, etc.), which is non-refundable even if the application is rejected as a fee for screening.

5 Even if the ETA validity period (2 years) remains, if the name, gender, date of birth, nationality, passport information (passport number and expiration date), criminal history, and infectious disease information are changed, you must reapply for the ETA and obtain permission.

6 If the purpose of entry, place of sojourn, and contact information have changed after issuance of the ETA, it must be modified in 'ETA Application Result' - 'Application Information Modification' at the top of the ETA website.

ETA application step-by-step guide